Ten bars, one night

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Auckland is the latest city to join a worldwide movement to transform bars into one-off lecture theatres for a night.

There were 20 talks at ten city bars on the same night: 29 August.

The event was free but required prior registration and every session sold out fast.

The organisers report that they’ve had great feedback. Those who went are requesting more events of the same kind, and owners or managers of the bars are keen to do it again next year – or even every week.

Among the academics taking part were microbiologist Dr Siouxsie Wiles on the quest for new medicines; Professor Tracey McIntosh on imagining a world without prisons; Dr Thomas Gregory on drones and the politics of killing; Professor Peter O’Connor, asking “Why do terrorists want to kill us?; and renowned marine scientist Professor John Montgomery, exploring the brains of sharks.

Raising the Bar originated in New York, with the idea of making education a greater part of a city’s popular culture. It has since expanded to major cities around the world including San Francisco, Hong Kong, Sydney, London, Melbourne and now Auckland.

Staff who organised the event are already looking ahead to another one next year. Put it in your diary for August 2018, but don’t forget you’ll be needing to book in early.

This year’s videos and podcasts are on www.alumni.auckland.ac.nz/rtb


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